vicmari sanguine ep

Those with a taste for dynamic electronic music and an attentive ear to the ground will be familiar with the name Vicmari. The Durban born artist has an ever growing catalog of original music that defy genres with an exploratory feel to every release, not to mention an impressive live act to accompany it.

His latest EP, The Sanguine EP, drops on Suid Tronica, a relatively new face to the local electronic scene but one that started out strong with a 15 track compilation earlier this year. It contains 2 original tracks and a remix courtesy of fellow sonic boundary pusher Leeu. Opening track Animated is an ambient intro with a spacey feel of suspenseful electronica. Title track Sanguine is more dancefloor friendly and has a joyful, almost playful energy to it. Leeu’s remix works Sanguine in a slower, almost downtempo direction with new drums and added vocal elements.

The release is a great addition to Suid Tronica’s slowly growing catalog and their sound is already sounding quite defined without being too attached to any specific genre. Perfect for an artist like Vicmari.

Stream the EP in full below and hit up the Bandcamp link to grab a digital version.


Editor’s Favorite: Sanguine (Leeu Remix)