Troyder is one of the deep scene’s favourites when it comes to the deep and the dubby, and he’s returned to deliver his first EP of the year with a single & remix package on Jozi’s Round Robin Recordings titled Time Suspension.

The original features Troy’s signature dubby thump with robotic overtones, airy vocal samples and wispy subtleties, the track is upbeat and atmospheric but still primed for the floor. Close associate Sand Isle moves the groove into more ominous territoriy with his ‘Time Lapse Mix’, equally prepared for the dancefloor although suited for further into the night. Laminin Music contribute the last track with their ‘Reverse Virus Remix’, combining the additions of some seriously menacing chords with a more uptempo feel to deliver a seriously killer peak-time bomb.

Editor’s Favourite: Time Suspension (Laminin Music’s Reverse Virus Remix)