Tremendous In Bloom has to be a contender for MVP of the Cape Town deep scene this year. The young artist’s discography took a very serious step forward with a string of releases that saw him both produce as well as contribute more instrumental & vocal elements to his collaborations. His last offering for the year comes via Rogue Decibels (who also had a superb 2019) and is a 3 track EP titled Moons of Neptune, with each song named after a specific moon.

Overall the release has a very melodic sound to it, but is also in line with South Africa’s penchant for percussive & bass driven grooves. The big highlight is the opening track, Galatea, which features Jozi’s Random Fact. Driving basslines and aquatic sonics combine for a building tune primed for SA’s dubbier house floors in need of an energy injection. Triton and Laomedeia both expand upon the sounds of the opener, moving in different directions to provide a bit more variety in feel and pace.

Editor’s Favourite: Galatea Feat. Random Fact