The self-described family of local collective Suid Tronica continues to expand with the latest edition of their Sounds of Suid Tronica compilation series, bringing the tally up to #4. Past editions have helped form the label’s unique identity as a platform dedicated to the weird & wonderful sounds that might not fit into particular label boxes elsewhere.

This time featuring 14 tracks there is a lot of new music to dig into, and as with past editions there is a broad but definitive overall feel to the release. Swinging between moods of driven tech and hypnotic downtempo there is an energy to the compilation that makes it feel dancefloor ready, with many of the tracks already warming local DJs’ crates.

Cape Town’s Messive Muzik continue their run of hits with a bassy monster in Pondo Land. Label head Leeu also brings his signature explorative sound but mixes in some deliciously uplifting chords and vocal elements. On the slower end Laminin Music put together an 11 minute slow burner of a self-sampling groove in Zongo The Tamagotchi, which manages to cheekily flit between humour and power with ease, as well as Wade Minnie’s Galileo which snugly wraps a laidback sound around some instrumentation.

With volume 4 the label and collective continues to show a surprising dedication to its creative direction while still incorporating as many artists as it does. With this much music and this many artists involved it would be easy for the sound to be lost, but the genuity of their adventure continues to shine through.

It’s also worth noting the development of their visual identity, driven by label member Matt Fraser. This edition’s cover art is perfectly representative of their mission: many different faces yet all on the same canvas.


Editor’s Favourite: Laminin Music – Zongo The Tamagotchi