Laboria Park, the Just Move Records sub-label dedicated to more ambient, dreamier and dub focused sounds, extends it’s catalog to release number 9 with a 5 track EP from their good friend Radic The Myth. The artist first appeared on the label on remix duties for Asphalt Layers’ No Fixed Abode EP, following it up with his own well received release, the Dub Dreams EP.

In typical Radic The Myth fashion the 5 track EP features a lot of slower, atmospheric dub techno designed to do maximum damage to underground dancefloors. Black Leaf Clover and Repture both feature similar veins of eerie synths and building percussion lines, perfect for driving upping the energy. House Of They takes things a little darker with a more melancholy backing to it and comes with an ominous remix from one of the most respected names in the genre: Shervaan Bergsteedt.

The title track is at the center of the release however, featuring an absolute monster of a hard hitting bassline. It’s difficult to experience the tune for the first time without immediately wishing to hear it on as big a rig as possible, and if online impressions are anything to go by it’s going to be a mainstay in dub techno sets for the foreseeable future.

Coupled with the Shervaan remix, which provides a nice variety in style to the package, the 3 other originals do a great job of supporting the title track. Together the release is another solid addition to both the catalog of Laboria Park and the discography of Radic The Myth.

Editor’s Favourite: House Of They (Shervaan Bergsteedt Remix) / 44 Velvet Hats