Rogue Decibels continues rolling out the fire with a 3 track EP from Soweto based artist Prince Ivyson. Formerly known as Blacky, the artist announces his new alias in style by putting together one very dancefloor friendly release for the Cape based label that has had a respectfully productive first half of 2019.

The 3 grooves all feature similar sounds and stylistic elements, with slightly different energy levels throughout. Opening track Bob’s Theremin wastes no time in going for high energy and a large impact, while title track Nervous Breakdown heads in a moodier and deeper direction. Closing track Caribbean Delight features an accompanying vocal sample and is perfect for those moments when lifting the energy is essential.

What is great about this stylistic approach is it makes the whole release a DJ friendly tool, keeping the overall feel intact but going for slightly different moods for different times.

Editor’s Favourite: Nervous Breakdown