In our garden we allow you to pick whichever fruit or plants you might desire, we have an avalanche to choose from. We believe that artists believe in different things, act differently, create different art and live as differently to each other as plants do when they photosynthesize but we are all one and belong in the same planet [garden].

We have two contrasting plants that haven’t been planted for too long, but are blossoming rapidly and ready to be harvested. Two great music minds OU & Zithane have joined forces to deliver their debut EP on Garden Groove Music that delves into the brash and rarely explored territory of electronic house music.

The opening track is stacked to the ceiling with groove, a deep bassline, dramatic yet dynamic lead strings and succinct stabs delivered over low slung percussion that brings soul, depth and warmth. This track is surefire to start and warm up any party.

Maintaining their signature chugging style, OU & Zithane close off the EP with this hot tune packed with notorious African techno beats and agile drums, a relentless bassline, sensual melodies, arpeggios, layers of strings and tension building drops; a Day’s Walk is a pinnacle peak-time tune that is destined to drive dancefloors around the world. The Four-To-The-Floor feel of this tune makes your heart skip and drift to emotive sonic dimensions. The Unexpected EP is a hot 2 track release with a timeless quality.

The release is available on all digital platforms and you don’t want to miss out so you better come smell our flowers and pick our fruits because the Garden is blossoming and filled with a lot of variety to pick from as this is our sixth release on our ever growing catalog.


Written in collaboration with ANNO KALU