Laboria Park, the Just Move Records sub-label dedicated to all things dub and minimal, has returned to the underground cyber-waves with a new various artists release featuring 4 cuts from local and international artists.

Asphalt Layer opens the release with an atmospheric nod to the original city of techno: Detroit. MSM.DE94’s contribution brings more of a dark and twisted mood to the drop with the energetic Hate, which segways nicely into the similarly melancholic yet more cinematic Drummha from Washington Pozzi. Daniel Ray delivers possibly the standout on the listing with the deeply warm and uplifting Ex Machine.

With support from names like Vinny Da Vinci, Oscar Mbo, DJ Strat3gy and Krippsoulisc the EP can be expected to found in most of your favourite DJs sets over the next few months.

The title, Isolated, is a reminder of the various frames of mind many of us have been inhabiting since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, and how important of a companion & comforter music can be.

Editor’s Favourite: Daniel Ray – Ex Machine (Original Mix)