just move records 7 year itch

The 7 year itch: a psychological term referring to the demise of a relationship after the seventh year of marriage. Just Move Records, the renowned Jozi label, is celebrating this particular milestone in it’s marriage to great music and what better way to wade off the superstitions than by commemorating the event with a new compilation. At 16 tracks long the package is divided into 2 parts, the first of which has now arrived on digital.

A mix of both new faces and familiar friends graces the tracklist of the first 8 tracks. Splancnic, who previously released his K.A.T Kruger EP through the label, opens the listing with a slow soulful number in I Might’ve Done Something You Like. More of this energy can be found in Tshiamo Molefyane’s superb Temple Of The 1000 Buddhas and the delicious keys of Thorne Miller’s L’appel Du Vide. Label head Nuno Estevez makes a welcome return with a playful rework of Anno Kalu & Nik’k Laxer’s Horizontal Ostgut.

Simon Hinter’s Greffi Staf is a definite surprise with a bouncy, almost Kaytranda’esque groove. It brings a welcome uptempo vibe to the release alongside Rephlex’s The Divine Move and D.B x D.A’s (Cape Town’s Da Brownie & Deep Aztec) dancefloor aimed For You, which is bound to be a house floor killer.

Label favorite Shervaan Bergsteedt provides the lone melancholic track on the release but by no means is it overshadowed. The eery, propulsive tune is right in place with the more dub techno influenced sound growing in the underground and is a definite highlight.

A solid opening act for the 50th release of a label that has done more than its fair share for the underground is an apt description of this release. We salute the Just Move crew for the contributions over the years and patiently await the second volume.

Editor’s Favorites: Shervaan Bergsteedt – Preoccupy My Mind / Tshiamo Molefyane – Temple Of The 1000 Buddhas