In this bizarre and trying time for people across the world, more than ever we must find solace in music. While South Africans are living under one of the tightest lockdowns implemented across the globe due to COVID-19, our artists and creatives have upped their output to keep us connected and sane.

Just Move Records have contributed their part with a brand new compilation series, fittingly titled Take A Breath Vol. 1. Featuring 5 original tracks with their signature mix of familiar and fresh, the release does see the label expand upon their sound. Splancnic and Thorne Miller both return as label mainstays, the former with a deep and hypnotic sound and the latter continuing to show his adeptness at working with vocalists in a more up-tempto, groovy track with Kelello.

Nuno (SEA) and newcomer Verdagris both provide much faster songs to the listing. Verdagris in particular impresses with a low slung drive perfectly situated under sweet harmonics and cinematic melodies. Last but not least, Mozambican debutant Navaa closes off the listing with a tune that is equal amounts of soothing and uplifting.

The EP has gained early support from the likes of Jesus Gonsev, Demuir, Jullian Gomes, Vinny Da Vinci, Robert Owens, Gene Farris, DJ Lora, Clive Bean, Severino Panzetta and Ian Bang, amongst others.

Stream the EP below and see a message from the JMR team about the organisations they’re supporting during the crisis.


During this time of crisis, Just Move Records has been looking to support vulnerable communities, whether it be through direct donations or simply helping to get the word out, here are some charities and NGOs they have been supporting, and we hope you can do the same.

Gift Of The Givers | The Solidarity Fund | Angels’ Care Centre | Caronacare SA | Afrika Awake