The sound of the South African underground is one that is ever evolving. Sonic trends come & go, sub-genres evolve & die and where entire scenes seemed destined to dominate forever younger talents ready to prove themselves rise. What never goes out style though, is the discovery and development of new talent and if anyone knows how to do this, it’s DeepStitched Recordings. Their latest release, titled The Next Generation, does exactly this by showcasing label head 2lani The Warrior’s personal bets for the future of local house music.

Featuring 8 artists who have all released through the label at some point before the tracklist is a who to watch guide of immense talent. Arty Party (Tahir Jones) opens up the celebration with an immediate highlight in the smooth as butter Sunburst. Krippsoulisc provides his signature twisted but aurally complex sound in Direction with Sand Isle also contributing a more haunting and melancholic sound on Breaking Point.

Swaziland’s underground superstars Secret Souls deliver a bass heavy punisher in Birds Eye and alongside Avi Subban’s vocally assisted Music Therapy provide a more energetic dancefloor approach. Collen Cohen, who has previously released a full length on the label, also aims squarely for the floor with the wonky and menacing Luniua (Forever). Troyder’s The Torment Of Existence is another definite highlight. His ever recognizable dubby touch intertwines with an ethereal vocal sample that is equal measures uplifting and booming.

2lani’s knack for pushing talent is on full force on this release, with many of these young talents already making big waves in the underground. That as a group of producers these are all already part of the DeepStitched family shows that this release, while impressive, is business as usual.

Stream the EP off SoundCloud below, hit up the store links to get your copy and read all about Troyder’s musical journey in our profile of him.

Editor’s Favorite: Arty Party – Sunburst / Troyder – The Torment Of Existence