Blaqkongo, the Cape Town based artist with an eclectic mix of African influences, has just followed up his recent Soul Gazing single with a 2 track release titled The Healer’s Song. Soul Gazing dropped to positive release and has found its way onto notable radio shows like Deeper Shades Of House, and with this new release the producer seems keen to strike while the iron is hot.

Featuring an original single with a reworked version from himself, the title track features similarities to Soul Gazing but take things in a slightly softer direction, brighter and perhaps a bit more soulful. Subtle yet longing vocal elements also add some significant emotion to the groove. The reworked version, titled BK’s Sunrise Mix, is a much slower affair but all of the elements that work so well in the original are still kept perfectly in tact.

Packaged together the release is a deft one-two punch, a track perfect for bringing the energy on the floor up and a track perfect for keeping the dancers locked in once they’re there.

Editor’s Favourite: The Healer’s Song (BK’s Sunrise Mix)