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After months of anticipation and a physical release a few weeks prior, Atjazz and Jullian Gomes’ second collaborative album Big Bad Crazy has finally hit all digital platforms. Their first effort, The Gift, The Curse, was released in 2013 and to this day has incredible replay value. Hits like Overshadowed continue to sound relevant in an age where dance music expires like never before. Their new album proves that the two house giants are still as hungry as ever in their pursuit of timeless music.

At 8 tracks long the album is a concise listen with no space wasted. Tracks like It’s My Time and Love Me feel like they fit in signature Atjazz & Gomes’ territory while cuts like Daggers Drawn bring a slightly newer feel to the pair’s productions. When it comes to pure dancefloor driven bangers the baseline on Love Me is prep’d and ready to dish out mayhem, come album launch time we foresee this one turning the crowd upside down. Empty Paradise and The Persuit both have a slightly less textbook approach and provide a nice element of experimentation to the release.

The closing track, Decoded, turned out to be the one that had us most returning for more though. Where Love Me will have the energy on the floor turned up to 10 we see Decoded as that inevitable moment people turn to each other and exchange looks of complete love and excitement, an inexplicable moment of shared emotion through music.

It’s safe to say that the love and care these two put into their music is clear in every arrangement, every drum pattern, every chord and every subtle touch they squeeze in between. It may have have been 5 years in the making but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Hit the various links below to stream and buy. If you’re looking for more music Jullian Gomes’ World Without End label night streams are here.

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Editor’s Favorite: Decoded (Original Mix)