anno kalu fraught with angst cropped

ANNO KALU is a Benoni born, Pretoria based artist with a taste for the groovier side of electronic music. It’s only fitting then that he is 2019’s first release on Garden Groove Music. Based out of Cape Town the label has a young catalog of up & coming South African talent that started to make waves last year with releases from Da Brownie and label head W.NN.E (previously Winnie Deep).

The Fraught With Angst EP is a 4 track affair with 3 original grooves and one dancefloor directed remix. Title track Fraught With Angst is a mixture of dark sonics and lighter melodies, the faster remix of which comes from Jozi producer of the moment KVRVBO. KALU collaborates with Rob Pearson for the soulful, almost lounge influenced The Rose That Grew with Rob providing vocals and some added synths. The laidback Horizontal Ostgut features¬†Nik’k Laxer and was the recipient of a Nuno Estevez rework on Just Moves latest compilation release.

There is a defined contrast between Fraught With Angst’s darker energy and the other 2 original’s laidback, soulful groove and the juxtaposition works nicely to hold the release together. Horizontal Ostgut is likely to be heard in the slower daytime sets and we see KVRVBO’s remix of the title song being a handy dancefloor weapon in months to come.

Editor’s Favorite:¬†ANNO KALU & Nik’k Laxer – Horizontal Ostgut (Original Mix)