Name: Cya C Deep

City: Cape Town

About this selection: “This is one of those mixes where I took my time to do some extra collecting. I recorded this mix in a difficult time of my life, where I had to take a little break from the music just to sort out my personal problems. I was sitting alone, thinking through a lot of the stuff that’s going on around me. It was 23:20 and raining outside, and I decided this was the time to compile some music and do the recording.”

Find Cya C Deep on Facebook and SoundCloud, and the label he manages Rogue Decibels on Facebook, SoundCloud and Beatport.

About the Warm Up Series

There is something deeply special, and perhaps sometimes overlooked, about the magic of anticipation in dance music. Perhaps it’s a solo trip through your most treasured playlists in the days before your favourite party, or an intimate gathering of loved ones before heading out into the unknown of the nighttime. For some it might even be attending an event early to catch those often under-appreciated opening slots.

However you choose to warm up before the peak-time, it remains a unique opportunity for sonic journey and adventure. Our Warm Up Series is dedicated to just that.