Garden Groove’s head honcho W.NN.E stepped up to deliver the most recent episode of the DHSA podcast and he blessed us with a ton of unreleased music. Records from Harmonix, T.I.B, Zithane, Pierre Johnson, MKLY & Sides, Messive Muzik and more make their way into the 57 minutes. We also get the first taste of China Charmeleon’s remix of DJ Buhle’s debut single Winter’s Call.

Stream the mix and get the tracklist from below. You can check out Garden Groove’s latest release here.


  1. DJ Buhle – Winters Call (China Chameleon Remix) Unreleased
  2. OU – Backflip (Experimental Mix) Garden Groove Music
  3. Pierre Johnson, T.I.B – South Odyssey (Forthcoming Ambious Records)
  4. Messive Muzik, MKLY, Nick Supply, Sides – Izizwe (Forthcoming Ambious Records)
  5. Spin Worx. – Mind Stains (HOUSE AFRIKA Sessions Vol 8)
  6. Zito Mowa, Krippsoulisc SA – Goat Stew (China Charmeleon Remix) Garden Groove Music
  7. Zithane , Hypaphonik, Trevor G ft Carol – Memories (T.I.B Night Bloomers Mix) Forthcoming Garden Groove Music
  8. Freedom Elements – Mlume (Stay True Sounds)
  9. Oliver Osborne – Concrete Comfort (Forthcoming Garden Groove Music)
  10. Harmonix ZA ft Stephan Roach – In Love (Oliver Osborne Remix) Forthcoming Garden Groove Music