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At the very forefront of young local electronic talent in South Africa is a guy by the name of Avi Subban. An absolute phenom behind both the decks and the production board he is turning dancefloors upside down one at a time with sets packed full of his own grooves. He recently headlined We House Sundays in Cape Town and we had the pleasure of watching him take the reigns from legend DJ Christos without so much as breaking a sweat.

The artist has selected a couple of his current favorite numbers for the event’s online mix series and held back nothing with an hour of powerful and energetic tunes. Around the 40 minute mark you’ll get an exclusive listen of an unreleased collab between him and Rob Toca that is no doubt going to be in maximum hype phase till it drops. He also sneaks in 2 songs from his recent collaborative EP with Cape Town’s Pierre Johnson.

Keep an eye on this dude, we’d very likely argue he is the future.

Catch a glimpse of what you missed when Avi & We House Sundays teamed up below and if you’re looking for more music check out 2lani The Warrior’s edition here.