pierre johnson kalushicast

Man of the moment Pierre Johnson is due to start his victory lap any minute. Hot off the release of one of the best albums of 2018 Pierre will be throwing down at some of the hottest gatherings in deep house over the next few weeks. He celebrates his album launch at WeHouseSundays on the 26th of August and will be headlining the hottest event in underground Jozi Deep Town on the 8th of September.

The day before WeHouseSundays he will also be headlining a Kalushi Recordings showcase ahead of a joint collaborative EP with Avi Subban due out on the label soon. He’s put together a selection for the labels podcast series Kalushicast and the mix is a solid hour of tech leaning deep house grooves.

Check out the podcast below and get more info on Pierre’s upcoming gigs on the links that follow:

Kalushi Showcase
Deep Town