Jozi’s very own 2SMAN has returned from a trip to the kitchen, ready to serve up a dish of delicious & expertly prepared dub techno grooves via the Austrian based Mindset podcast. Now at episode 12 the series aims to provide a platform for the enthusiasts of slower, dubbier and ethereal sounds. The Deep Under KG founder pulled through with 10 selections and even dropped off a tracklist for the collectors in the audience.

Get a glimpse of 2SMAN’s Mindset below the tracklist and revisit his Deep Town Jozi set here.

1) Space Signals – Seasonal Euphoria
2) Glimmer – Roman Ridder
3) Grey Lines V1 – Dave Marian
4) Knick Knacks – Thom’As
5) Deep – Douglas Telles
6) Terminal D – Indigo Minds
7) Slow – Legit Trip
8) Swing Mood – INI
9) Soul Search – Hosini
10) The Thought Of Perhaps – George?