Hi Mash, welcome to deepstreet!

Thank you for having me.

2019 was a pretty significant year for you, with several solid releases, tons of gigs and some standout collaborations. How does that affect your mindset for 2020?

It was a beautiful year. My mindset? Striving for bigger and better, I suppose. I always find some kind of joy in the idea that it can always get better, as beautiful as it is currently. I’m grateful that things are going well, I’m even more grateful for opportunities to further broaden my horizons both career wise and creatively.

You’ve been booked for the Cape Town leg of Lighthouse 2020, which will take place on a beautiful beach in the seaside town of Kommetjie. Do you take inspiration from the environment when DJing?

Definitely, but it’s more about the connection with the people than the environment… But I do like the occasional sunset so I can drop Something For The Sunset or Sunset Over Water (Fka Mash Glitch Dub) lol

As well as yourself, this year’s Lighthouse will host house acts like Jullian Gomes, Jazzuelle, DJ Buhle, Messive Muzik, Floyd Lavine, Leeu & Lazarusman. How do you feel about the overall house representation at the festival?

Pretty solid.

With a crosse genre festival like Lighthouse, there’s bound to be some attendees who haven’t experienced an FKA Mash set before. What should those individuals expect?

Cliche as this is gonna sound; a musical journey. (Fuck, I hate that answer, haha…)

Catch FKA Mash at the Cape Town leg of Lighthouse Festival 2020, tickets available here.