essential five wnne

We return to Essential Five with another esteemed guest: W.NN.E. Formerly known as Winnie Deep, the DJ, producer and record label owner is a familiar face to many Cape Town dancefloors, whether behind the decks or smiling amongst the crowd.

When not spinning fire, afro inspired grooves he is either behind the production board creating his own music, he last year released a full length album, or running his Garden Groove Music label which has featured artists like Da Brownie, ANNO KALU and Deep Sentiments.

W.NN.E came in hot with his 5 selections, featuring a delectable blend of expected afro beats with a few unexpected turns

1. Hyenah – The Wish (Dub)

One of the tracks that awoke the Africanness inside of me. I’ve always had the ‘Afro’ influence in what I play and the music I wrote but this track, amongst others, brought out the fact that the sound of Africa should be the dominant factor in what I do.


2. Da Capo, Kaylow – Out There (Afro Touch)

One of the tunes that could just transcend a dancefloor into a space of love and happinness. It’s beautiful to watch and these kind of tunes make people fall in love with the moment.


3. Sailor & I – Turn Around (Äme Remix)

I honestly can’t pin point what it is about this song that drives me towards uncharted territory. I’ve never had the chance to play it at a gig but I know that the day I do, it’s going to be special.


4. Culoe De Song – Webaba

Again, coming back to the sound of Africa in what I play. This track has a strong influence on that.


5. Brame, Hamo – Ghetto Lament

This song hasn’t necessarily shaped the way I play but it embodies who I’ve always been: it’s wild, it’s musical, it’s rebellious, it’s playful and in a weird way it’s kind of out of place. I feel like that’s me.