Intrinsic Audio Sessions are a Cape Town based music collective focused on the more atmospheric, dub and ambient sounds of electronic music. For years they have run a highly respected podcast, featuring a host of local and international names, and are now entering the label game by releasing one of their very own: Schumi.

The Explorations EP is a 4 track release, each song able to stand on its own but together forming a beautifully varied composition. Take 2 opens the proceedings with a meditative number that is transportive and wanderlust inducing in its subtleties. Wonderer and Peninsular Peruse both take things in an increasingly moodier direction, growing darker and more atmospheric. A While Gone brings the vibe back up for a lighter closing note, signing off on the journey the listener is taken throughout.

What makes the title of the release is so fitting is the emotional quality embedded in each song, while making your way through the tracklisting you can feel the mood distinctly change while still feeling firmly within the same aural adventure. This EP is not simply an exploration of sounds, it is an exploration of feeling.

Editor’s Favorite: Take 2 (Original Mix)